The British Isles is but a dot on the world map yet we’ve produced some amazing heroes and heroines over the years. You don’t have to be a member of the armed forces to be a hero, there are many thousands of heroes here in the UK, many of them unknown to anybody except for their closest friends and family.

When we are looking at the armed forces I guess it proves that we’re a combative nation, there’s rarely a combat zone anywhere in the world where there aren’t a few of our armed forces involved. This involvement in world peacekeeping has meant that our forces are some of the best trained men and women in the world and this has always been reflected in the battle heroes that we have produced.

We feature biographies of a selection of British heroes, mostly they are connected with armed conflict, but we’ve added a few other “Brits” that are deserving of a mention in our list of heroes.

Colonel Herbert “H” Jones (1940 – 1982)

Guy Penrose Gibson (1918 – 1944)

Christmas Day Helpers at the Homeless Shelter

Gary Barlow (1971 – )

A Night Owl Volunteer for CRISIS

Whilst reading about these heroes of previous conflicts, please don’t forget those that have been killed or wounded in the current campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Help for Heroes charity does an amazing job in helping these troops and numerous large enterprises, such as those providing financial and insurance products are now looking at helping these modern day heroes..